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We will be updating this Ride Area Guide on a regular basis. If you have additional information or input on a ride area shown here or one that you would like have have added, please use our Contact Form below. We will be adding more riding areas, new photos, as well as GPS coordinates, updated descriptions, and new data based on land use changes. Please be sure to check the official riding area website or land use agency for possible changes before planning your trip.
Cinder Hills OHV Area, AZ
Cinders OHV area encompasses approx. 13,500 acres of open country. The riding area... Read more
Dumont Dunes, CA
2,300 acres of very steep, smooth, barren sand dunes with no vegetation. Camping... Read more
Imperial Sand Dunes, CA
Mammoth Wash has approx. 8,000 acres of riding area. Glamis and Gordons Well... Read more
Johnson Valley OHV Area, CA
Johnson Valley is comprised of a series of dry lake beds, which are... Read more
Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area, CA
California's last remaining coastal sand dunes that are still open to off-highway vehicles.... Read more
Ocotillo Wells AVRA, CA
Ocotillo Wells SVRA has approximately 80,000 acres of majestic desert terrain waiting to... Read more
Olancha Dunes, CA
This is a small 600+ acre area with coarse grain sand. Camping... Read more
Rasor OHV Area, CA
Rasor OHV Area is one of the more remote, yet exciting, areas in... Read more
North Sand Hills, CO
The North Sand Hills SRMA is the only OHV sand recreation area in... Read more
St. Anthony Dunes, ID
10,600 acres and 15 continuous miles of pure sand. Ever changing dunes from... Read more

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Hustlin' Race Quads
When Brett Sanderson shows up to Dumont or the sand drags, he brings a double threat in the form of these two drag bikes. Wait until you see the details and workmanship on these beautiful ATVs. Nice!

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