This is a 2010 two-seat sand rail completely rebuilt from the ground up.

Eddie Valenzuela, Tempe, AZ, US
January 28, 2014

The exterior of this car has a custom designed paint job of the Joker with a complete full body including the wing. Cost for the work was around $12,000.
Eddie Valenzuela, Tempe, Arizona. Fabrication and car setup Poor Boys Sand Cars - Gary Icke, Owner. Powder Coating was done by Southwest Sandblasting & Painting - Bob Thompson, Owner. Custom Graphics design was done by Hot Air Brush - Bruce Rosier, Owner. Suspension was done by Race Shock - Lee Owner. Custom Seats by BS Sand. We have invested $25,000plus into this car.
The interior has custom seats by BS sand, LED dome light, PCI race radios, Auto Meter gauges, custom steering wheel and Crow five point harnesses. The investment is around $3,000.00
This is a front to back chromoly chassis designed by the owner and built very strong. It took us about a month and a half to reconstruct the chassis and assemble the car.
The suspension that was put on this car uses A-Arms up front and dual-pivot trailing arms in the rear with Fox coil-over shocks.
The engine is a 3.5 Honda that was completely rebuilt for more HP. This motor is pushing out 300 HP to the rear wheels. The motor uses new parts and the displacement was increased. The investment was around $5,500.
The transaxle is a 091 VW Bus box with Weddle gears. The investment was around $4,100.
About the Car
I have worked very hard with a group of individuals that cared as much as I did while this car was under construction. We thought about many other themes, but it came down to the Joker because we have not seen any other car at the dunes that had a theme like this. We feel that this car set us a side from many other cars and their designs and theme. I would just like to say thank you for this opportunity to be featured on the Sand Sports magazine website and possibly in the print magazine. The investment has been more than $25,000 to build this car, but the results are more than worth it and we've had a blast driving this car in the dunes. Plus there have been a lot of people who have enjoyed the vehicle as well.
I would like to thank Gary Icke from Poor Boys Sand Cars for all his hard work in making this car what it is today. Thanks also go out to Bob Thompson from Southwest Sandblasting & Painting for doing such a great job on the powder coating, not many companies can do such a great job. The art work goes out to Bruce Rosier from Hot Air Brush. This man has such an amazing talent and did such a beautiful job on this car. I asked Bruce to surprise me and he did that tenfold. I thank BS Sand for building the seats and doing a great job, as well. Big thanks to everyone and all these businesses.

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