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Dealing With The Devil's Pudding - On most off-road vehicles, CV (Constant Velocity) joints play an integral role in the drive... Read More
Installing CV Boot Clamps - A properly secured CV boot is a critical step when assembling your vehicle’s CV joints... Read More
King Shock Rebuild - The shocks on your sand car are a key component in the suspension system. When... Read More
Engine Coolant - In the not too distant past, the coolant used in sand toy engines was simple... Read More
Cylinder Sleeves - Saving Engine Blocks - I just got off the phone with a friend and we were talking about what... Read More

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Hustlin' Race Quads
When Brett Sanderson shows up to Dumont or the sand drags, he brings a double threat in the form of these two drag bikes. Wait until you see the details and workmanship on these beautiful ATVs. Nice!

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