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UTV: At this time, we recommend that you print out each of the following letters and keep them in your side by side in case you get pulled over. The PDF files of the letters are available on the ASA website or on their Facebook Page.

SB 234 California Law Update - American Sand Association

UTV Law Regarding Back Seats in SxS Vehicles
By | July 5, 2013

Due to a delay in the Legislature, SB 234 (Walters) which will address the aftermarket back seat issue in Side by Side recreational off-highway vehicles, has passed the July 1st date of implementation.  As a temporary measure Senator Walters submitted a Letter to the Senate Journal that articulates the legislative intent and delay of SB 234 in the record to help law enforcement and citizens understand the coming law and avoid problems if possible.
Full resolution files of these letters can be found at this link:
Additionally, State Parks has issued a public information bulletin containing additional information about the bill and it's intent. A similar bulletin has been sent to off-highway vehicle law enforcement agencies throughout the state. This is not a guarantee that you will not receive a citation; however, it may assist with law enforcement.  We expect that the earliest this bill will be signed into law will be the later part of August.

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SB 234 California Law Update - American Sand Association
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