Hight Output Alternators - CBM Motorsports

Hight Output Alternators - CBM Motorsports
High-amp alternators deliver the amperage you need to run your high-end audio system, aftermarket lighting, race electronics, and other assorted accessories. CBM Motorsports has chrome, polished, powdercoated and billet alternators to help turn your LS engine into a showpiece.

Hight Output Alternators

Six phase CBM Motorsports alternators are designed for GM LS series engine applications, offering more low RPM output, and a lower turn on RPM than any other performance alternators, according to CBM. These units feature cutting edge six phase hairpin stator technology for durability and high RPM stability. Instead of a single rectifier assembly, these units feature TWIN rectifiers and twice as many diodes to spread out the heat, and dramatically increase durability.
They are 15% more efficient than other alternators, so less horsepower is wasted in the form of heat, and they improve charging performance, voltage and alternator longevity. “One wire” CBM units require no engine revving for charging to begin; simply start the engine and the alternator will do the rest. These units are made in the USA, and you have a choice between GM or Toyota regulators and a side or rear output stud location.
CBM Motorsports, 9252 Hyssop Drive,  Rancho Cucamonga CA,  91730 United States,  (909) 291-7550,  www.custombuiltmotors.com
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