Sand Stripper Paddle Tire - GMZ Race

Sand Stripper Paddle Tire - GMZ Race
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Sand Stripper Paddle Tire

Why settle for less and run knobby tires in the sand which were originally made for dirt and mud? The New GMZ Sand Strippers are designed specifically for side-x-side vehicles that will be driven in the dunes. These tires create an amazing amount of floatation and keep you up on top of the sand with great turnability and traction. They are all 6-Ply rated radial construction tires, and GMZ makes special wider wheels with sand offsets that are built and designed to maximize the Sand Stripper performance. The 28x12-14 front 3-Rib Sand Stripper Turning Tire helps steer and turn in the soft sand much better than tires not designed for the dunes. They were also designed to help long wheelbase four-seat vehicles turn corners and make transitions from sand dune to sand dune. The Sand Stripper Turning Tire weighs 20 pounds.

For the 28x15-14 rear Sand Stripper, there are two choices; a standard 14-paddle stagger cut tire that’s well suited for stock and lower power vehicles (it weighs 23 pounds), and the HP Paddle tire that provides more grip and is designed for the higher powered machines with more horsepower. This tire has 14 full length paddles that measure 1-1/8 inch tall and weighs 24.7 pounds.
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