Tire Juice - B&L Sand Toys

Tire Juice - B&L Sand Toys
According to the manufacturer, this tire sealant product remains in a liquid form, will not dry up or harden, and won't corrode your aluminum wheels

Tire Juice

Just about everyone who runs paddles and lightweight off-road tires on aluminum wheels, as well as wheels with bead lock devices, has realized the need for tire sealants. While there are many types of sealants on the market, few have been developed especially for off-road applications and lightweight aluminum wheels. Recently, Michigan dune enthusiast Terry Dowker embarked on a mission to create a tire sealant for sand vehicle owners. Dowker's Tire Juice uses a longtime known formula and has proven to be effective in off-road applications. This product is made in Michigan and bottled by hand for quality.

Dowker has been selling the Tire Juice through local retail outlets near the Silver Lake Sand Dunes, and has recently made it available to people nationwide through B&L Sand Toys. It has proven to be the best solution for leaking tires/paddles and bead lock wheels. It has undergone extensive testing, as well as being used by buggy rental shops at Silver Lake. Tire Juice remains liquid, never drys up and is safe for aluminum wheels. It's offered in 16oz bottles - one bottle is required for each paddle tire. It's currently available at B&L SandToys, David Allen Racing, and Whitehill Buggy Shop. For more information, contact B&L or email the manufacturer at BLU_BY_U_II@Hotmail.com
B&L Sand Toys, 1762 N. 24th Ave.,  Mears MI,  49436 United States,  (231) 873-3311,  www.bnlsandtoys.com/
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