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The Wildcat 1000 X combines a new 90+ HP engine with Arctic Cat’s incredible suspension to take the performance to the new level.

King of the Beasts - Testing the 2013 Arctic Cat Wildcat 4 and Wildcat x

Terrorizing Randsburg, CA in the Arctic Cat’s new Wildcat 4 and Wildcat X models for 2013
By Jon Crowley UTVguide.net | March 1, 2013

Photos by Jon Crowley - UTVguide.net

Arctic Cat recently released two new additions to its UTV lineup, and I got the invite to travel to the old mining town of Randsburg, California to test the new Wildcat 4 four-seater and the Wildcat X models.
High horsepower sounds good, but is it usable? To make sure the vehicle gets the most power to the ground, Arctic Cat engineers partnered with Team Industries to develop this new “dry” Drive and Driven Clutch system. Testing showed that it delivers more power to the ground than the 2012 model, and the performance is better.
This was my first time to Randsburg and I was impressed by this quaint town. It’s a “living” ghost town that sits about 20 miles south of Ridgecrest along Highway 395, with a population just over 50. Randsburg features a real western saloon, several antique shops, a general store (with old fashioned soda fountain), two small inns, and the infamous “Joint” — where cocktails are served at the ultimate hole-in-the-wall.
We stayed at the Goat Sky Ranch which is a bed and breakfast that is owned by former motocross champion Todd “Goat” Breker. What makes Randsburg unique in California is that it is OHV friendly. We started our ride right from the Goat Sky Ranch!
After the introduction and our test session with the Wildcat in the California mining town of Randsburg, we took the vehicle to the dunes to test the performance in the sand.
After the introduction and our test session with the Wildcat in the California mining town of Randsburg, we took the vehicle to the dunes to test the performance in the sand. For this, we consulted with Dave Kuskie of Fullerton Sand Sports, who decided to install a set of sand tires and larger wheels. Looks good, huh? The Arctic Cat offers 13 inches of ground clearance in stock form. But, if you want to increase that slightly, we found that it will accept 30 inch tires without any clearance issues.
Wildcat X
The Wildcat 1000 X is the all-new High Horsepower King of the Wildcat 2-seat family. It combines a new 90 plus horsepower engine with the incredible suspension of the Wildcat to take it to the next level. “High horsepower” is only a term, or number, on paper if you can’t get that power to the ground where it matters. That’s why Arctic Cat engineers partnered with Team Industries to develop a new “dry” Drive and Driven clutch that delivers power to the ground much better than the 2012 Wildcat.
has been designed to work harmoniously with the all-new 23-position, compression-adjustable Fox Podium shocks and 27-inch Maxxis Bighorn tires to create an unrivaled pure-sport ROV (Recreational Off highway Vehicle) experience. The Wildcat X also comes with color-matched seats and front/rear aluminum bumpers.
Right away, Dave and I both noticed a huge difference in the new clutch. Engagement is much crisper and you can feel it working properly through the entire powerband. Arctic Cat mentioned that the new 90-plus horsepower engine was a 15 percent gain over the standard Wildcat, and we could easily believe that with our precisely calibrated butt dynos.
The new suspension setup with Fox Podium shocks is firmer than we experienced with the original Walker Evans Racing shocks. In combination with the new sway bar, the car seemed more sure footed in corners and tracked straighter and predictable in the whoops. The Wildcat X also had fewer tendencies to bottom out with the Fox shocks.
Overall, the Wildcat X is a big step forward for the aggressive driver that wants to go fast in the dunes and desert. While the Wildcat X is still all about suspension, it now has the power and clutch that many enthusiasts desired.
Wildcat 4
Like the Wildcat X, Arctic Cat uses the new Team Industries clutch, lightened flywheel, sway bar and Fox Podium shocks on the Wildcat 4. Then they added 29 inches to the middle of chassis to get two more seats in the back row. We also noticed right away that the new clutch setup is a huge improvement to getting the 951cc v-twin’s power to the ground. Power is right there when you need it whether climbing a steep hill in loose rocks or bombing through a sand wash.
The interior of the Wildcat is fairly roomy. I am 6’-1” and it does take a little bit of maneuvering to get long legs into the vehicle. But, once in, I could ride in the back seat. My knees are on the side of the front seat, but it’s decently comfortable.
The ground clearance of the Wildcat 4 is good at 13 inches but, with such a long wheelbase, a little more would be nice. I could easily see swapping out the 26 inch tires for a set of 28 inch units in order to gain some ground clearance and also give the tire a little more side wall. Good news is there are no tire clearance issues even with 30 inch tires.
At 149 inches overall, the Wildcat 4 is really long. It just won’t work well on tight trails. But, if you like to go fast in the desert, and want to bring a few friends, the Wildcat 4 shines. The suspension is nothing short of amazing through rough terrain and monster whoops. I don’t think I have ever been that fast through deep, uneven whoops in my life.
Wildcat 1000 and Wildcat 1000 Limited
Arctic Cat has made similar changes to the Wildcat 1000 and Wildcat 1000 Limited versions for mid-2013. All models will include the same Team Industries Rapid Response Clutch, lightened crankshaft, Fox Podium shocks and updated sway bar.
Wildcat X and Wildcat 4 Features
• V-Twin, SOHC, liquid-cooled, 951cc, Electronic Fuel Injection built for massive torque and the utmost of acceleration

• Industry-leading 5-Link rear suspension with 18-inches of travel, along with 17-inches of front wheel travel, and 13-inches of ground clearance

• 23-position, compression-adjustable Fox Podium shocks • Full Perimeter Exoskeleton frame with a best-in-class ride — in comfort and leg room

• Variable Assist Electronic Power Steering (EPS) designed to maintain a light steering input effort, with an infinitely adjustable tilt steering wheel

• Automatic transmission has a park-in-gear shifter with Reverse, Neutral, High and Low gears, while the 2wd/4wd/Diff Lock switch is easy to locate on the dashboard

• Interior has a locking glove box and cup holders, color-matched bucket seats with 3-point seat belts, tube-frame doors with integrated nets

• Front and rear sport bumpers

• LED Headlights and Taillights utilize 50% less wattage

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