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  • The 2013 Sand Sports Super Show always has the latest new products for off-road vehicles. This photo gallery shows some of the items we saw at the Show.

Photo Gallery: New Products at the 2013 Sand Sports Super Show

Here's our first collection (of two photo galleries) showing some of the new products we saw at the Super Show
By Michael Sommer | October 4, 2013

Photos by Michael Sommer

While most people walk through the front gates of the Sand Sports Super Show and become immediately overwhelmed by the colorful off-road vehicles, enclosed trailers lining the walkways, exhibitors playing music through custom sound systems and those cute models handing out promotional brochures, there's also a lot of new products on display. Sometimes you have to look deeper into the booths, or even ask the exhibitors "What's New?" in order to see their latest offerings. But, that's why the Show spans three days ... it truly takes that long to experience everything the event has to offer and learn about what's best for your vehicle and application. While we'v e posted some of the New Products we saw at the show on our Instagram and Facebook pages, we did compile two photo galleries of products we saw at the show. This is the first one .... we'll post the other one soon. Hope you enjoy!

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