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  • The 15th Annual Sand Sports Super Show had a great turnout of custom built trucks for the desert and dunes that were on display nearly everywhere you looked

Photo Gallery: Trucks at the 2013 Sand Sports Super Show

Custom trucks of all types — from prerunners and race trucks to custom built models for the dunes
By Michael Sommer | October 1, 2013

Photos by Neal Rideout

There's an old saying that goes something like, "If you bought it, then a truck probably brought it." Although this applies mostly to products in the marketplace, it also holds true for most of the exhibits that were set up and displayed by the different businesses at the Super Show. Most everything was transported by truck. And when it comes to camping in the desert and dunes, if people aren't hauling their toys and trailers with a motorhome, chances are they're using a lifted truck of some sort. The dunes are loaded with them, you see them everywhere. The Super Show is no different, whether it was the custom trucks on the Green Gate Walk display by Rebel Off Road, Todd Romano's Tonka race trucks outside Building 12, the lineup of trucks under the trees by the Rigid Industries' display near Building 14, or the show quality sand trucks that were built by both Sand Limo Racing and Racer Off Road. The quality of trucks at the event was off the scale. And that doesn't even include Robby Gordon's Speed Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks that were racing in front of the crowds all weekend long. Needless to say, UTV may have outnumber the other types of vehicles at this year's show, but trucks were pulling a close second!

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