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  • Unlike Sand Sports Super Show event in the past, the numbers of ATVs on display were much lower. We attribute this to the ATV businesses crossing platforms and using their experience to compete for a portion of the market share.

Photo Gallery: ATVs at 2013 Sand Sports Super Show

ATVs were few in numbers, but they were awesome nonetheless!
By Michael Sommer | September 27, 2013

Photos by Michael Sommer

What can you say ... All Terrain Vehicles are still one of the most popular vehicles when you venture into the sand dunes. But, when it came to the vehicles on display at this year's Sand Sports Super Show, you'd never know that to be true. In fact, from what we saw there were probably less than a dozen ATVs on display throughout the entire event. In our humble opinion, we attribute this to the established ATV businesses crossing over from their existing line of products that they typically display at the show to components for the more popular UTV models. Was it a good move? Who knows. It seems like the public were ready to buy this year ... but we hope they didn't come to buy ATV products, because even Trinity Racing didn't have any ATVs displayed, and they usually have a full line of vehicles and products to check out. Next year may be different but, until then, here are some of the custom ATVs we spotted at this year's Sand Sports Super Show.

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